Szechuan Spice

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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It's great to have another solid Chinese restaurant in the greater Uptown area. I came to Szechuan Spice with a few friends and we got to try a number of dishes.

The mapo tofu ($10) was great: spicy; savory and hearty. Note that this dish uses silken tofu, which many people don't seem to like, but which I think is the only type of tofu that could work in this dish. It's pure Chinese down-home cooking.

The Kung Pao tofu ($10) was also tasty, with little fried cubes of tofu and a savory, colorful mix of vegetables. Similarly, the Buddha vegetable ($10), a dish we were reluctant to order, ended up being surprisingly tasty. It wasn't just steamed vegetables in a white sauce; it was properly stir-fried and covered in a nice soy-garlic sauce devoid of cornstarch (thankfully, Szechuan Spice doesn't seem to use cornstarch in any of its dishes).

Lastly, the eggplant in garlic sauce ($10) was great: fragrant and smooth. It wasn't as good as Evergreen's "house style eggplant with basil," but it came close; if Szechuan Spice put fresh basil in their dish, they'd be awfully close to Evergreen in terms of quality on this dish.

The service was friendly and prompt. Portion sizes were good and enough to produce leftovers.

On a whole, Szechuan Spice is a winner. As other reviewers have noted, Little Szechuan in St. Paul is better, and Evergreen in Minneapolis is also better, but Szechuan Spice shouldn't be ashamed to take third place behind those two giants.

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The food here is pretty good, but not quite as good as Little Szechuan in Saint Paul, so I find myself still going to LS, despite the distance.

That said, I'd certainly eat here again. Their Ma Po Tofu is quite tasty, and they have pea tips on the menu. They also deliver to my house, so I'm sure I'll take advantage of that at some point.

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