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The original location at 10 Greek Street is still there, but they also now have Veg at 11 Greek Street.

They now seem to have moved a couple of doors North along the road. The food's just as good, but there's more space. The old building looked like it was getting a refit, but I don't know if it's still theirs.

It's worth doing a search on for Vegetarian restaurants if you're in London - there's one chef who's spending all his time helping people to set up vegan/buddhist restaurants (of which, this is one), so there are now several of them, in various areas.

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I was unaware that they had a proper menu b/c I always go for the buffet. It's a small place and it can get pretty busy at peak hours. The food is all vegan and pretty good. Also the 1£ all you can drink green tea is a nice touch.

There are now a number of copy-cat restaurants around town, there's one in Angel that's _almost_ the same though I've yet to sample it and there's a few more Chinese versions such as one in Camden (review coming soon).

I tend to eat too much when I'm there and end up feeling a bit queasy though, so go easy and all will be well.

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