John's of 12th Street

Manhattan, New York City


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Showed up while experiencing one of those low blood sugar moments where all you evening plans evaporate and you're left there unable to coherently make conscious decisions,

Very nice place. The have an entirely separate vegan menu which I rather appreciated. Items are pricy but well worth it. Service was extremely friendly, offered some good suggestions.

Wish I had time to go for seconds.

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A friend and I had dinner at Johns of 12th Street this week and what I enjoyed most about the experience was how beautiful the restaurant is. There aren't nearly enough cozy, candle-lit restaurants in NYC (or anywhere for that matter) that offer substantial vegan fare so this was a nice option. The servers were very attentive (bordering on annoying by refilling our glasses every time we took a sip).

As for the food, we started off with the Margherita pizza, which came with tomato sauce, Daiya cheese, basil, and garlic. Overall, I thought the pizza was delicious. There were a few burnt spots on the bottom of the crust, but in general, the crust was fantastic. It was light, chewy yet crispy, and fluffy. For $12, the pizza was also a pretty good deal.

We then shared the tofu-spinach ravioli, which we were initially excited about (how many places have vegan ravioli?) but weren't too impressed with it. In addition to the dish being served room-temperature, the ravioli filling lacked flavor. It tasted like tofu and spinach, but not much else. It definitely would have benefitted from some more garlic, onion, and herbs. Considering the dish only came with 6 or 7 pieces of ravioli (each piece was maybe 2 bites each), the $17 we paid for it was ridiculous. I would imagine that if the ravioli is homemade (which it may be; the menu doesn't specify), it may be very time consuming, but given the portion size and its dismal flavor, it is definitely not worth $17.

Aside from the ravioli, I really enjoyed my dining experience and would definitely come back.

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