Wild Olive Market

Manhattan, New York City


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I am so excited about this place! I'm in Harlem for work pretty frequently and while I've always loved Uptown Juice Bar and Cafe Veg (boo on Strictly Roots!), it's been hard to actually buy groceries to take home with me. Wild Olive has EVERYTHING and they have really good prices.

I tend to buy my produce from the Green Carts in the neighborhood, but I've got a lot of packaged and prepared items from here. I think my favorite finds here are Sabra hummus (generally easy to find outside of Harlem), BBQ tofu and veggie dumplings (healthy snack on the run), and Tofutti ice cream (hard to find in Harlem, and getting harder to find elsewhere, as health food stores opt for "premium" vegan ice creams).

Thank you Wild Olive Market!

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