Blackbird Pizzeria

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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Great Cubano sandwich, nice neighborhood pizza joint atmosphere. Too much cream in the potato salad and too much salad for one person.

Nice to see them using compostable dinnerware and composting - didn't see that anywhere else on my visit.

I'll eat here again next time I'm in Philadelphia.

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I stopped by on a Saturday afternoon and took two slices to go. Service was friendly and quick and everything looked so good that making a choice was difficult.

I chose one slice that had onions, red pepper, savory seitan sausage, a garlic sauce and Daiya. The flavor of the toppings was balanced and it was one of the better faux meat pizza toppings that I've ever had. The other slice I chose was the 'Fungi' which was simply mushrooms and Daiya. As someone who loves mushrooms I highly recommend the Fungi, it was incredible and loaded with tasty, fresh mushrooms.

The only area of improvement in my opinion was that aside from the outer crust, the bread was very thin in the middle and I was wishing it was a bit thicker.

I must mention also that the slices are huge, the prices very reasonable and it's also a bonus that they carry a bunch of vegan desserts too.

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Love them!

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Blackbird is amazing and SOOOOOOO much better than Gianna's, which used to occupy the space, copied Vegan Treats desserts, and sold "vegan" pizza that actually wasn't vegan. Blackbird's pizza is not only super cheap, but it's also super delicious. A slice (1/4 pizza!) is only $3 for plain Daiya cheese, and the specialty pieces are about $4 each.

I disagree with conde.kedar that Blackbird introduced the concept of pizza slices to-go, as many other cities have done this for years (NYC is likely the most famous and most vegan slice-friendly, but Milwaukee also has spots), and Gianna's (Blackbird's predecessor) also sold vegetarian/vegan/supposedly-vegan pizza by the slice. That said, Blackbird took the quality up a notch and I am very happy they did.

I went with the nacho pizza, which had caramelized onions, avocado, jalapenos, and olives. I could have done without the avocado, which had sort of a crispy tomato texture after it was baked, but otherwise, the pizza was outstanding. The caramelized onions were key and I'm going to order extra next time. I also had a slice of the veggie, which had artichokes, green bell pepper, olives, and mushrooms (which I picked off). I preferred this slice and thought it was much better than many soy meat slices I've had elsewhere.

The service was very fast, considering how busy the dining room was and how many people were calling in for delivery ('twas a Friday night). Most of the people dining were young, alternativey folks that are probably vegetarian, but there was also an elderly couple enjoying some pizza. I got the impression they just stumbled in, not knowing it's vegan. Awesome. Thank you, Blackbird.

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Blackbird looks like a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint, which is a good thing, because it brings vegan restaurants more into the mainstream. You can come here and get a slice of pizza on a paper plate and leave two minutes later. That's a rare thing in the vegan world, so I'm glad Blackbird has introduced the concept.

I started off with a slice of nacho pizza ($3) made with cheddar Daiya, jalapenos, avocado and onions. It was tasty, though the avocado and jalapenos got dried-out quite a bit.

I also had a philly cheesesteak ($8). It was drippy and oily like a regular cheesesteak (the Daiya cheese is pretty fatty), but I didn't think the seitan they used had enough flavor on its own. Also, there wasn't enough of it, or the onions, mushrooms and peppers. Too much bread and not enough filling, to put it another way.

I also wish they'd used a flakier, slightly thinner bread, and preferably whole wheat. The bread Blackbird uses is much too thick and dry.

Blackbird also offers a large number of baked goods from Vegan Treats, so you can get a complete meal here if you so choose.

On a whole, I'm glad Blackbird is around. I think there's some room for improvement, but it's already off to a good start.

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We were in Bordentown, NJ. We drove about 40 mins to philly just to try out this restaurant. We were very pleased and satisfied.

We purchased: a specialty pizza for our non-vegan friends, seitan cheesesteak, hand-cut fries on serving large enough for two people, chocolate cake, & brownie.

The prices were very reasonable.

The restaurant is small and from the outside it doesn't look like much, and at first, second & third glance may make you want to reconsider about entering at all; but it was very much worth the trip and the experience was quite nice. We will look forward to revisiting.

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My vegan family has been to Blackbird several times since they have opened. The food is amazing; imagine--a Vegan Philly Cheesesteak ! Great bread, great pizza, great desserts from Vegan Treats in Bethlehem. They have just added a carbonator with Blue Sky sodas; very yumm. Chef Marc Mebus worked at Philly's own Horizons as well as Blossom in New York, we are very glad to have him here. Well worth the trip.

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Great tasting pizza - hard-to-please kid put it best: "You know, this is actually good!" Yes it is. Also have had their vegan cheesesteak, which is also very good. Casual atmosphere, good place to stop in and grab a slice.

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