Emily's Desserts

Baltimore, Maryland


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Best vegan cupcakes I've ever tasted! Sad to see the kiosk is no longer at Towson Town Center.

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After a long day of holiday shopping in the Towson Town Center, I thought I was hallucinating when I stumbled across an all-vegan cupcake stand on the third floor of the mall! I immediately purchased 6 cupcakes and returned a few days later to purchase an additional 12. It was so nice to have such a conveniently-located source of vegan desserts while I was visiting family in Baltimore.

The cupcakes themselves range from "decent" to "incredibly delicious," depending on the flavor. My favorite flavors were the cinnamon cupcake (which tastes like coffee cake and has cinnamon frosting and creme filling), the cherry vanilla cupcake (which features dried cherries mixed in with the cake and has a faux cream cheese frosting) and the tiramisu cupcake (which tastes a bit like the Italian dessert, minus the gelatinous filling).

Some other flavors that were available on the days that I visited included: lemon, pumpkin, coconut, red velvet, vanilla, black bottom, cookies and cream. All-in-all, I think that this place is a wonderful addition to the Towson Town Center and I hope that it stays around for many years.

One word of warning: I purchased some cupcakes with the Emily's Desserts label at Roots Market over the summer and they were terrible - the cupcakes had a strong baking soda aftertaste and the texture was really off. I think that either the recipe that Emily's uses has improved significantly since then or the cupcakes at this cupcake stand are much fresher than the ones that were at Roots. Either way, if you have had a bad experience with Emily's cupcakes in the past, I would recommend giving them a second chance.

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Emily's Desserts has amazing vegan treats!!! I'm not vegan and I would never guess that there are no dairy/egg ingredients. My favorite cupcakes are the carrot cake and red velvet. Super moist and yummy! They also come in the cutest packaging!

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