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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Three words: Aloo Potato Vada. My new favorite food.
I have been to this restaurant several times, both for weekend buffet and regular dining. The buffet is always great! It also changes from one day to the next so youcan go 3 Saturdays in a row and not get all of the same dishes. There is a lot of food and several of the dishes are vegan. It also comes with a smaller-than-usual masal dosai. There are even vegan desserts on the weekend buffet (I have not been to a weekday buffet). During regular dining, a few of my favorite dishes are: chana batura, poori bhaji, and the masal dosai. Their fried breads are light and not greasy. Their dishes are flavorful. The prices are reasonable. It's one of our favorite places to eat!

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We absolutely LOVED this place. After reading reviews on here we had high expectations and they did not disappoint. We started off with some fried jalapenos with some dipping sauce. They were very hot but soo good. When ordering (we've never been to an Indian restaurant) I looked confused and tried to tell the server what I think I wanted. He said he would 'put something together for me' and it's like he read my mind. I had some spicy chickpea curry dish with this fried pancake like item (sorry, can't remember the name - something like Batali?. The pancake like thing tasted like funnel cake and it was to die for. My husband had some veggie curry item and it was phenomenal. The garlic naan was also very very good. We agreed we would make a special trip back. When packing our 'to go' box, the server even added extra rice at no charge so that we could have enough to share the next day.The ambiance was nice - pretty romantic actually (we went at night) and the service was great. We left feeling very full and satisfied - wanting to go back the next day already :). The prices were reasonable too - we got two dishes and some naan (and pancake thing) for around $25. Very worth it!

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While I'm glad there's a new vegetarian Indian joint in town, I'm not sure that Amu's is that much better or different than any other Indian place in the Twin Cities. That said, it's an improvement over its old Nala Pak incarnation and I'm glad that most of the menu is vegan (and labeled properly).

We started out with an order of vegetable manchurian ($9.50), fried vegetable-ball concoctions in a tomato-soy base. It's one of my favorite "Indo-Chinese" dishes and one that's hard to come by in the US. It was probably the best part of the meal: spicy; crunchy; addictive. They serve it here "dry" meaning it doesn't come with any sauce that you can eat over rice. You eat these suckers straight off of the plate.

We next had a masala dosa ($10) which is the archetypal South Indian dish. It's a crispy lentil crepe with some potato filling. I thought this dosa was good, but nothing spectacular. The potato filling had some carrots in the mix which, in my opinion, is a mistake: masala dosa filling should limit itself to potatoes, onions and green chili.

Lastly we had a vegetable vindaloo ($9). The waiter recommended it to us on account of its variety of vegetables (which, in this case, was the same as what we'd been having: potatoes, carrots, etc.). We asked for the dish to be spicy but it came out with almost no kick at all. It wasn't a memorable or tasty dish in the least.

There's no brown rice here, which is always a disappointment, but an expected one. There are also no vegan desserts, which is once again expected, but still disappointing.

The service was friendly and prompt.

While I will likely return to Amu's to try some other dishes, I wasn't overly impressed by the food here. Where are the dishes with tofu or seitan? How come they can't make a pudding out of soy milk? How about some unusual ingredients (say, using broccoli instead of cauliflower or jackfruit instead of potato)? Amu's makes the exact same dishes as every other Indian restaurant in the US which makes for a predictable experience. If it wants to distinguish itself it needs to get creative.

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I loved this place. The food and service were excellent! I was so glad to see Gobi Manchurian was still on the menu (although it is definitely sweeter than Udupi's was). I can't wait to try the lunch buffet, every day except Monday, when they are closed. It was a very romantic and delicious evening :)

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This is some of the best Indian food I've ever had, and definitely the best I've found in the Twin Cities area.

Dosa King up the road is also excellent, but they're even further away, so Amu's is my new first choice.

I've tried a number of dishes, and I've liked everything I've tried. One thing I love is that even their deep-fried foods are not very greasy. In fact, I've never had samosas or pakora with so little grease!

I've also tried the poori bhaji, chole peshawari, and vegetable manchurian, all of which were delicious. Their garlic naan is amazing, as is their batura. Really, it seems like you can't go wrong, no matter what you order.

I also really appreciate that they have marked all the vegan dishes clearly on the menu. It makes ordering easy, and there's lots of good options.

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Hands down the best indian food in the twin cities. Most of the menu is vegan, and both times I've been to the buffet about 90% of the dishes were vegan. The buffet comes with a Masala Dosai, and the weekend buffet is a bit larger and includes some vegan indian desserts. Everything I've had here has been superb.

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Yum! I absolutely loved my dosa, sambar, and chutney as well as the eggplant curry (not the baingan bartha; I forget the name) I ordered. We got pakora as an appetizer and while it was quite good I never enjoy fried appetizers quite as much as I do the rest of the meal.

The dosa crepe was perfectly thin and crispy and the masala filling was soft and mild, perfect for pairing with the spicier sambar and chutneys. I also really liked the flavors of the tomatoes, spices, and chiles in my entree and it seemed different than any other eggplant curry I've had.

Note: we ordered the masala dosa with chutney in it but as the dosa is served with chutney this is superfluous, especially as I don't remember tasting any chutney inside the crepe and it cost more than the simple masala dosa.

The ambiance is a bit utilitarian but everything is clean, new, and comfortable. I wouldn't go here for a romantic evening but I would definitely take anyone who wants quality Indian food here for dinner. Vegan options are clearly marked and they are plentiful. Prices are not too high though portions are on the small side.

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Getting out to Columbia Heights is an effort unto itself, but the food here is great. The menu is about 60% vegan, I'm definitely coming back for the buffet.

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Wow, this place was absolutely great. I think it may have been the best South Indian food I've ever had. It's certainly better than the old Udupi that was in this location (before the previous restaurant). I highly recommend the vegetable or gobi manchurian. And the choli. All the breads were delicious. There was a ball-like appetizer that was samosa-esque but not a samosa (sorry, I can't remember it's name) that was also superb. The food wasn't too heavy or oily. The ambiance is meh. Not horrible but not cozy or pretty or anything. The location is meh. But it is well-worth it. I sort of want to go here every day.

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