Neal's Yard Salad Bar

London, England


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Covent Garden is a very touristy area of London. Trying to find Neal's Yard in Covent Garden is a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. It's hidden somewhere in the midst of old cobblestone side streets and between tall buildings. After much searching, you will find it tucked away and be inspired by its vegan and organic goods! In Neal's Yard, there is the famous Neal's Yard Salad Bar, World Food Cafe, and Neal's Yard Remedies. Neal's Yard Remedies has many great vegan, organic skin and hair products, soaps, oils, etc. I use them myself and I love it. I first found them when I lived in London and have been using it since. They have sellers in the United States too. When I lived in Japan, to my surprise, I ran into a Neal's Yard Remedies store in Shibuya!

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We had a wonderful lunch here in this off the beaten path spot. Not entirely vegan, but certainly enough options to keep us happy! We ate outdoors in a quirky little courtyard. Only wine was "house" wine.

It should probably be pointed out to potential ethical vegan/vegetarian customers that this restaurant makes copient use of mouse poison - you can see it in the corners of the restaurant. As a vegan I was very disappointed.

Why is there meat on the menu? I hadn't visited Neal's Yard for many years but I remember the wonderful salads available. I also remember the wonderful health food shop - now Holland & Barrett!! and the (smelly) cheese shop. It seems to me that this place is riding on the success of the original salad bar. It used to be a bohemian veggie haven (Cranks nearby too). To have meat available there feels wrong. Seems like it's sold out to the masses unfortunately. We sat down to order then noticed the meat on the menu, the waiter was taking too long to turn up so we left, just as well.

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I found the food in Neal's Yard Salad Bar to be absolutely delicious. It was really, really good. I had a wonderful vegan spinach/tofu quiche. The environment was very beautiful too. It was bright, airy, colourful and tranquil. The only thing that wasn't 100% was the waiter who was a bit abrupt. But having said that I’d go back again at the drop of a hat next time I’m in London.

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The food is amazing. The service is a bit hit-and-miss. The way they have things organized there can be confusing (you can only sit here if you're ordering from that menu etc), and you will be corrected and instructed if you appear unmethodical... or like you might be thinking about becoming disorganized. And you may even be escorted around by a woman extravagantly dressed and ornamented in traditional afro-brazilian style (this to my mind covers a multitude of sins).

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