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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I was staying with a friend out in St. Louis Park, which doesn't seem to be the most vegan-friendly part of Minneapolis, unless you're satisfied with chain food like Chin's Asia Fresh. We went to this Pizza Luce and was quite pleased. I had a vegan mock duck sandwich (the "muffalata" or something), which came with lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo, and some sort of sauce. I chose to have it on focaccia, which didn't really taste/look like focaccia to me but it was still very tasty. I opted for the side salad instead of chips, which was $2. They goofed the order a bit so I got both so they just knocked a couple bucks off and that was fine.

I'm usually not a salad person but the salad options here are pretty good. I had the vegan caeser salad, which came with lemon-pepper tofu, red onions, tomato, kalamata olives, and their homeamde "rinotta" cheese. It was very good, and the serving size was pretty big considering it was only $3.95.

As much as I enjoyed my meal, I think I prefer the Rustler vegan pizza, which has mock duck, banana peppers, caramelized onions and vegan mozz.

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We love pizza luce...we never had it before going vegan so we can't compare. But this is the BEST vegan pizza we've had, hands down. I think I boil it down to the rinotta cheese mix on top...fabulous. We get it with lots of toppings (and we also get the garlic 'cheese' toast appetizer-YUM!). We used to love it even more before they found out their 'veggie meat crumbles' were not vegan. Those were tasty, and unfortunately they haven't found a sub for it yet. This meant that all items containing this are no longer vegan (like the biscuits and gravy), etc. So you might read some reviews before this change happened, but they might not still be avail. Regardless, it's delicious and their service is great. Very knowledgeable on what is and isn't vegan. The menu also states what is and isn't vegan. Overall, we love this place and crave it! Parking is not an issue here. They also have a bloody mary bar...which my husband loved.

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