Cafe Sprouts

Oberlin, Ohio


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On one hand, I'm sad to see this place close. It was nice to have an all-vegan, mostly-raw place in downtown Oberlin. That said, it seemed like Cafe Sprouts was doomed to disappear. The fresh juices, smoothies and elixirs were fantastic. However, they were also often in the $8-$10 range. The entrees were interesting (and, on the whole, very good) but the selection was limited and the portions were small. Many of my non-vegetarian acquaintances seem to have eaten here once or twice and then decided that it was too extreme.

rating star

I stumbled upon this place because I was passing through town and I thought that their was a cafe ( for coffee) at failed me.

However, what a pleasant surprise I got! I tried the lentil burger (100% vegan) and the chili (everything here is vegan) and they both rocked my world. I make an effort every time I am even close to Oberlin to stop in.

The staff is also great! Everyone there is very friendly and the WIFI at Sprouts is fast. I hate going to starbucks anymore because they have the wifi throttled. I give this cafe an A+++

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