Cafe Renaissance

Saint Cloud, Minnesota


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This is a fantastic place to eat in St. Cloud. They have a bunch of options in a special vegetarian section of the menu and most of it can be made vegan.

I had a delicious veggie tagine with a thick and flavorful tomato sauce. It came with some tasty couscous on the side. I'd asked for it super spicy and they delivered -- they even gave me some ground habanero on the side in case I wanted it even hotter!

I would definitely come here again.

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Always have a couple vegan options like a salad, falaffel (minus taziki sauce) and a choice of a couple curries. There are specials that can sometimes be tinkered with to be vegan, too.

A pretty vast number of just vegetarian options.

The quality of the food is always quite good and the wait staff is never afraid to ask to see if the chef can do something for you.

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Many of their items are vegetarian, not vegan. The rice is made with butter as are the potatoes and they could not say what was used in the pre-packaged pasta. The wait staff was very knowledgeable and friendly to work with my food needs. If you cannot have buttered rice, they will kindly substitute with extra veggies!

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One of the best dining experiences of my life! The service was great, and the decor was beautifully elegant. Genuine hospitality and attention to detail are easily seen and much appreciated.
The food was amazing! I ordered the Vegetarian Curry and my friend had the Mediterranean Combo Platter. The Vegetarian Curry was a great right mix of flavor, curry and spice.
This was my first time there and I will definitely be back again! :)

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Hands down, the best place in St. Cloud to eat if you are veg*n. They have a great daily vegan soup, amazing grape leaf dolmas and superb combo platters that allow you to try multiple dishes in one sitting! If you are ever in the area, do not pass through without stopping here first.

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