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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Good food but they apparently don't know what's in it. I've now been told that the veggie samosas and mint chutney are made with butter (contradicting what I've been told in the past).

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The veggie curry is great with brown rice and Roti naan bread (both vegan). They also have a vegan soup option! Friendly service and good food with vegan options clearly marked.

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I have been here many times and enjoyed it every time except when I got the vegetable curry, mainly because it was too much cauliflower for me. the vegan specials have always amazing as have the vegan soups of the day.

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as a vegan who is also gluten intolerant, it can be hard to find a great meal- especially in northeast. gorkha has always delighted me with their vegetarian menu- the majority is always vegan and gluten free, and has some pretty excellent non-typical items to the cities like the hariyo saag- mixed on choy, kale, mustard greens, and raab with garlic and ginger- super unique, and for a bitter green loving gal, super delicious.
i always order the pakoras, which are never greasy or heavy, and either the channa chutt putt, or bhatmaas which are these amazing mustard oil spiked salads of either chickpeas or soy nuts. my husband eats gluten and adores the MoMos, FYI.

portion sizes are reasonable considering the use of organic and local ingredients, but they'll seem skimpy compared to your standard strip mall indian restaurant. the service inside is always friendly and on point, and i appreciate a place that learns their customers' faces.

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Maybe it was what we ordered (Aaloo Taama Bodi) but we didn't think it was very good. Will probably have to come back and try this again with something different.

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The wife and I decided to try this place (takeout). Great food and a great value compared to other similar restaurants like Namaste Cafe which has become lack luster. The Veggie Mo Mo at Gorka is awesome and it comes with what we all Indian BBQ sauce and a nice mint/cilantro sauce. One thing I noticed is that the food wasn't greasy which can be an issue. Definitely Gorka Palace will become a mainstay for us.

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I cannot say enough good things about this establishment. The dishes I had, were awesome (spice tip, medium is HOT and I am pretty accustomed to a good medium level heat, it was still quite tasty though); the service was hands down the best service I have received in the Twin Cities (the staff set up a special menu for our dine-out and was super accommodating to our needs, they even came out and told us that their Puri bread may contain a small amount of ghee, so they brought us a vegan alternative instead); and the ambiance was great, I wish their happy hour went longer (just from 5-6, they have great deals on their appetizers and beverages!)... Overall, a must try!

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I ate here with a friend and the service was friendly. All of the vegan options were clearly marked, and the jackfruit dish I got was excellent. I will definitely try it again.

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Gorkha is the latest Nepalese restaurant on the scene in the Twin Cities. It stands out for its momos and service, in particular.

My friend and I came here and had a half order of veggie momos ($6 for 6 momos) as an appetizer. They were excellent: fresh; savory; and made with a wonderfully substantial dumpling covering made of rice. Gorkha got its start making momos so make sure to order some when you visit. Also, the side sauce they gave was also great; it tasted like a light and simple salsa.

For our main course we had a aaloo katahar (jackfruit curry) ($11) and a chyau tarkari (mushroom and potato curry) ($11). I use the jackfruit dish to compare between the other Nepalese restaurants in the Twin Cities. Gorkha's execution was good, especially with the way they made the potatoes tender; that said, the jackfruit was a bit too acidic (I'm guessing it wasn't washed enough after sitting in a can). I think Cat Man Do (in St. Paul) has the best jackfruit dish in town, not only for taste, but also for value (it's the cheapest and has the largest portion size). That said, Cat Man Do has terrible service.

The mushroom dish was very good though I wished they'd used a different variety of mushroom (perhaps oyster mushrooms?). In general, pretty much every Nepalese joint in the Twin Cities offers the same vegan dishes---some kind of garlic-ginger-tomato sauce with potatoes and one other ingredient. I'd like to see some new preparation styles and Gorkha would do well to branch out.

It's great that they label all their vegan options. Kudos to them for that.

We also had an order of puri ($2.50) which tasted fine, though I would have preferred tandoori roti instead (which Gorkha doesn't offer). Puri is deep-fried bread which is pretty heavy and not particularly healthy; roti is lighter and goes better with Nepalese curries, in my opinion.

The service was extremely friendly and helpful. The owner stopped by to say hello and even gave us a discount for referring him to the Minnesota Public Radio discount program.

I really like the ambiance, friendly service and excellent momos at Gorkha. They also have a happy hour special from 4-6 giving you discounts on their momos (and other appetizers) as well as their beer and wine. I'll be back for that!

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After hearing raves from trusted friends, we finally had the opportunity to give Gorkha Palace a try this past weekend. We showed up at dinner rush with 9 people and no reservation. (If you're in a hurry, this is not recommended.) They were extremely polite, and apologized unnecessarily for not being able to seat us quickly. We waited at the bar, took advantage of their decent selection of wines and beer, and marveled at the aroma of any dish that passed us on its way from kitchen to table.

When we were seated, ordered, and started receiving our food, every one of us thought it was well worth the wait. Between us we had 3 different appetizers, 1 of the soups, and 8 different entrees. We all thought the food was wonderful. (There was much passing of dishes, so most of our group sampled at least 2 different appetizers and 3 different entrees.)

Because most restaurants of the general Asian/Indian region in our area season to the taste of the average Midwestern palate, we usually order food "Hot" until we know they aren't afraid to turn up the temperature. Gorkha Palace chefs are thankfully not shy with the spices. The dishes ordered "Hot" were, indeed, spicy, but still in perfect balance with the rest of the flavors. The only dish we thought was a little less exciting than the rest was the Tofu Aloo -- good, but not quite great. Standouts included Saag, Choley Masala, and Aaloo Bhindi. The Veggie MoMos were served with a unique and delicious sauce, and the Veggie Pakoras were surprisingly non-greasy for a deep-fried treat!

All but one of the 10 entrees in the "Vegetarian" section are clearly marked (v) for Vegan. Unfortunately the Appetizers and Soups/Salads are not marked on the menu, but upon request our server told us exactly what to avoid without needing to check with the kitchen. (Sadly, the Samosas were not vegan, nor was the Kwati soup, which I longed to try.)

Service was outstanding, especially considering that no table was empty for more than a few minutes between our arrival at 6 PM and our departure after 9 PM. Our orders were prepared as quickly as one could expect for a table of 9 that showed up unannounced during dinner rush. Water carafes were kept filled, and full dishes of rice to replace those we had consumed were brought before we had to ask. Our server offered to split our bill 5 ways, and each bill had the 20% Grand Opening discount applied without us being aware of it in advance, or asking. There was no "large group" automatic gratuity. The final touch was biodegradable take-home containers in both small and large sizes.

Anyone who is even a casual fan of Indian, Nepali, and/or Tibetan food needs to give this place a try as soon as possible.

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