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We really enjoyed taking advantage of the all you can eat menu! All the food was pretty good quality and it came out pretty fast! We went back a second time on a trip that was only 4 nights. The lemon fish and the wonton soup were our favourite dishes. The sushi was also excellent.

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I ate twice at Yuan. The firs time was during the summer 2007. It was a lunch buffet. The first time, I felt it was quite good. Then again I came back today (20 Jan 2008, Sunday) with my mom for a supper. She ordered a Crispy Taro fried (C10 or C11) and I ordered WonTon Soup, Fried Dumbling and Yuan Sushi option C. Except the sauce for the Dumpling, EVErything were SWEet and I said EVErything!!!

I have ever eat SWEet Sushi before. Imagine SWEet combining with Washabi and Soy Sauce!!!! It wasn't so good.

I dont have a sweet tooth and I am not a North American who crave on sugar. So let say that this probably the last time I eat at Yuan.

My mom didn't like it neither.

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If I could give a better grade than 10, I would. Everything in this restaurant is GREAT!

The food is excellent. The sizzling mushrooms were simply fantastic! Both the flavor and the texture was great; and it's a dish that I would have no idea how to make at home. The mock duck appetizer was really yummy; this included fried seaweed with tofu skin which was a bit salty and really crunchy and yummy, and 'chicken' drumsticks which were perfect. The coconut soup was very flavorful. General Tao chicken was the best I've ever had! The sweet and sour soup was very good too. And the tea was really flavorful jasmine tea, and the server was nice to bring us 3 cups even though we just ordered one. And there were lots of dishes that I would have really really liked to try!

The service was great: very attentive and helpful, and she spoke English very well. The decor of the restaurant was tasteful and interesting. And the best thing of all was that the prices were very reasonable!

I would love to go back to Yuan. I think it's the best restaurant I've ever been to. I like it even more than my other favorite one: Bo De Duyen in Toronto. You really have to try it! The food was so yummy and it was not too expensive either.

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This all vegetarian restaurant easily surpasses expectations. The incredible variety, quality, and presentation of dishes are sure to keep you going back for more. I take out of own guests here to flaunt Montreal’s best (whether they are vegetarian or not, they all rave about it). Don't get me wrong, the price is right and experience could never be considered pretentious. The in house grocery is an eye opener and the friendly staff is happy to walk you through and answer questions. Try it once to get hooked.

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I really wanted to like this place. The service was great. The server was helpful, friendly and very attentive. The food, however, was mediocre at best. The peanut butter dumplings were OK. They definitely get points for creativity. I got Ma Po Tofu and it was obviously made with frozen vegetables - not fresh. There were perfectly cubed carrots and lima beans and green beans straight from a bag, even with a freezer-burnt taste. The sauce had no flavor, just heat. I have made this dish 10 times better at my own house, and I am not a great chef or even Asian. I'm sorry, but a vegetarian restaurant that uses frozen vegetables just isn't good enough. I want my restaurant food fresh.

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Accidentally stumbled upon this place while walking home from Old Montreal. Not officially open until December 25th, my girlfriend and I were nonetheless invited to come eat with the other groups who were celebrating the opening of the restaurant. All I can say is that I've been waiting for a place like this for 8 years, classic Taiwanese vegetarian with a touch of artisan and class.

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