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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I enjoyed my pizza here. The server was very helpful in figuring out what was vegan and was also very friendly. The pizza came quickly. The price was quite reasonable. The atmosphere was pleasant, and it wasn't very crowded at 6:30 pm on a Thursday night. The crust was excellent and the toppings were fresh.

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Of the three or so neapolitan pizza joints in Minneapolis (Punch Pizza, Black Sheep and Pizza Nea), I think Pizza Nea is probably the best value for your money. Punch Pizza is slightly cheaper, but also slightly lower quality and has less ambience; Black Sheep is about the same price as Nea, and produces higher quality pizza (especially their amazing crusts), but they have smaller portion sizes. Pizza Nea falls right in the middle of that and does a decent job in terms of quality, ambience and portion size.

For one thing, their "marinara" pizza (which comes without cheese and is vegan by default) is less than $7 and it's actually quite large. The sauce and toppings are all good quality and adding individual toppings is cheaper here than at Punch or Black Sheep.

I had a marinara with roasted red peppers and porcini mushrooms (~$10). It was a good, full meal. The crust is not as thin and perfectionist as at Black Sheep, but it's crisper and not as chewy and doughy as Punch Pizza's crusts. It also was not as charcoal-burnt as Punch's tend to get in certain spots.

The service was friendly and prompt. I like the atmosphere in the joint which feels like an upscale, but unpretentious, neighborhood hangout. You could have a beer with friends, or a romantic evening at Pizza Nea. All in all, this is a good place and holds its own against the competition.

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The pizza is really good, which is the only reason why we came back the second and third time. The service all three times was awful however. The first time, the food took forever and they gave my husband someone else's pizza. The second time, we were the only diners and the server was clearly annoyed (even though they were still open for an hour and a half). There was no formal tasting of the wine. She just sloppily poured it in to our 3 glasses. She never asked how the wine or the food was. In fact she never even cleared our dishes. It sucked considering we brought our houseguest from Spain with us. The third time was with my visiting parents on a weekend. Again rude service heavy on the "Minnesota nice". Never again.

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This pizza is really really good. Simple, with top of the line ingredients - so the flavors stand out nicely. As has been said, the crust is simply amazing. I don't think I've ever had crust that good before.

Skip the Crotini appetizer - it's five bucks and really not worth the money. Sure, it's good, but there's not enough food to justify it, IMO.

Also, a word of advice - ask to substitute another topping for cheese, rather than order the cheeseless pizza and add toppings. The Marinara pizza (no cheese) is $6.50, and it's $1.50 to add a topping to it. We had asked earlier about substituting, and she said we could - but we didn't choose to do it that way for some reason.

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Many options and friendly staff! It doesn't seem to differ alot from the other local neopolitan pizza joint, but it's darn good.

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Joe Vegan recommends: Definitely try this place out. It would be a nice place for a date. Nice decor, friendly staff, nice prices, and excellent pizza.

A friend and I split the verdure pizza but we switched it to a red sauce and asked to leave off the cheese. It made a great little lunch.

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