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I must emphatically encourage people to stay AWAY from Geranium.

We began the evening by being ignored once we were seated due to all of the wait staff's attention on one table near us with a disobedient and messy child. We were finally allowed to order: the chili and the 'Kale and Carrot Tart.' What we were served was merely disappointment.

The chili was not terrible -simply boring in taste and ingredients. The 'tart' however, which was described as being filled with kale and roasted carrots, was a tall, cold wedge of a tofu pie...with a few slivers of kale, and a fan of five slices of baby carrot on top. There seemed to be no seasonings, and upon putting a fork into it, it crumbled onto the plate. We complained about the dish being cold and were told, "Well, it is a room-temperature dish." -Well, then it should not have been ice cold.

And perhaps contained some roasted carrots and kale instead of plain tofu...

...and it would not have hurt to have been a tart, either.

After asking for the bill, we were made to wait another 20 minutes...and they brought out a random dessert. We did not ask for it, nor did we want it, as our goal was to end our visit there as quickly as possible. We told the waitress to take it back, and we then waited another 15 minutes before getting the bill.

-On which we were over-charged for the uneaten,'tart,' which was originally going to be rather expensive (as the menu is seriously overpriced).

We will not be going back...and I advise others to not make the mistake we did, which was giving Geranium a chance.

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