Raja Fine Indian Cuisine

Stratford, Ontario


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During my recent visit to Stratford, I was amazed that very few servers in town were familiar with vegan diets. At one location, right after explaining that I did not eat animal products, a server asked me if I wanted cheese on my veggie burger and gravy for my fries.

Although vegan food could be found at some other Stratford restaurants, Raja Fine Indian Cuisine was the only place I visited that I would call vegan-friendly. The menu actually has the word 'vegan' printed on it, and the servers know exactly what it means. There is a vegetable specialties section, and most of these dishes in this section can be made vegan. They are not listed individually, so you will have to ask which ones can be prepared sans animal products.

We ordered the chana masala and the bharta, both of which were excellent. Gently seasoned, not cooked to death, and not oily. The atmosphere is upscale, but don't feel like you have to wear your Sunday finest. There will be a lot of tourists in t-shirts and flip flops in the seats.

Tip well! These servers work their butts off!

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