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Delicious food. The atmosphere is clean and relaxing. The restrooms are clean and tidy. I am so happy they have raw vegan food! I am allergic to soy and beans.

I love the raw very berry smoothie, the raw pizza and raw fruit pie! They were fabulous. Plano is a one hour drive from where I live, but when I am in the neighborhood again I will stop by.

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My husband and I love to try new vegan restaurants. The atmosphere in this cafe is nice. The staff was helpful and kind. I have food allergies to all grains, wheat, gluten, peanuts, soy, tofu, beans, legumes, mushrooms, strawberries, and bananas.

We ordered: a very berry blast smoothie $3.95, tropical breeze $3.95, the summer roll $1.75, The Grilled American Panini $8.95, Salad & Pho Noodle Soup $7.25, Raw Pizza $8.95, chocolate cake and carrot cake.

The smoothie was delicious! The summer rolls were okay. The Pho Noodle soup was impressive. It tasted like the real thing. I asked the owner how they make the vegan pho noodle soup broth and he said it was very complicated and it took all day. It's a blend of fruits, vegetables and spices.

The raw pizza is out of this world! My husband really enjoyed the grilled American Panini sandwich. But neither of us liked the vegan chocolate or spiced carrot cake. We talked to another patron who said she drove an hour across town to buy the raw strawberry pie. We did not get to try it because she bought the whole pie! It must be phenomenal!

If you are not allergic to soy or wheat you can enjoy a wider variety of foods of the menu. With all my allergies I was limited to what I could eat. But I look forward to going back to eat the raw vegan pizza. It is a 40 minute drive for me.

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I went with my two, who's favorite food is Chinese, ordered Lo Mein, the other ordered an All American Panini and I ordered the special of the day, the Texas Sandwich. We decided we'd all order something different so we could share. We wanted a broad spectrum of flavors so we'd know what would be good to make at home, buy at WF, etc. Lo Mein was very tasty. All American Panini was toasted bread with Tofurky, pickles, mustard, and soy cheese - with a side of Russian cabbage soup and a little salad. Texas Sandwich (I think best choice of the table) was like I was eating a Philly Cheesesteak I kid you not! Warm bun with soy beef (waitress said Gardein brand), soy cheese that was melted very well, grilled peppers and onions, and a dash of vegannaise. I will definitely be making this at home! The girs were shocked how tasty everything was and we all were surprised how many people came in after us, with alot obviously ordering and taking it to go. We finally all split some desserts at the end - cheesecake (SURPRISINGLY good and a slice of carrot cake (also yum!) Side note: I have bought slices of vegan cake at WF before (carrot cake is the best) and they are definitely delish!

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I've only had the spring rolls and pho - they were both delicious. Will go again to try an entree - the owner was there when I went and was really nice.

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