New Life Health Center

Tucson, Arizona


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If there are items you can't find elsewhere it might be worth it to stop by here and check, but most of the things New Life Health Center carries are carried by places like Sunflower with much better prices. The markup here is just huge -- they even make Whole Foods seem reasonable!

rating star

New Life used to be my favorite food store in all of Tucson. I love the idea of supporting independent health food stores but New Life has changed a great deal over the years and I have become an infrequent shopper. Paula, one of the managers at this location is amazing and one of those super knowledgable individuals you used to be able to find at all little health food stores. But so many of the other staff members at this location and others just don't make the price premium worth it. I'd recommend stopping over if you've never been but don't be surprised if you find yourself heading back to Whole Foods.

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