The Open Book

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I like the open atmosphere and layout of Open Book. This is a good place to get a cup of tea, read a book or consider making one of your own (in the book arts center a few feet away).

When I went they had one vegan soup (artichoke) and some vegan rice crispie bars from French Meadow, but no vegan sandwiches. Unfortunately, they only carry Oregon Chai, which is a serious negative point, in my opinion.

If they had some vegan cookies or cupcakes, along with a tofu or tempeh sandwich, this place would merit an extra star. As it stands, it's pretty decent.

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Both of their soup options are usually vegan. They also have a great hummus sandwich with sprouts and veggies that is vegan. And sometimes they will have a vegan penne pasta salad. Not a ton of vegan options, but the vegan stuff they have is yummy.

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Maybe I've been missing something, but I haven't seen any vegan options ever at this place, besides tea and maybe a piece of fruit from a basket they sometimes have by the register.

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