Grindcore House

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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Grindcore is a comfortable coffee shop in a slightly odd location. They have a pretty wide selection of vegan treats including pastries, cakes, brownies, and whoopie pies.

I really enjoyed my whoopie pie, it was light and fluffy and could have easily passed for a non-vegan pie. I also tried the cheeze Danish which was okay but a little bit too dense and bready for my taste. I also had an iced mocha latte which was decent but somewhat bitter and light on the mocha flavor.

Overall, the wide selection of vegan treats was pretty great and the eclectic selection of anarchist/leftist books in the back seating area was a nice touch as well. If I lived in Philadelphia I would definitely spend many mornings and afternoons here.

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Grindcore is a cozy cafe/coffee shop with a good selection of vegan sandwiches, baked goods and loose-leaf teas.

I had a cup of oolong tea and a cookie. Both were great. There are couches in a lovely living room-like setting in the back of the cafe; upfront there are some stools, but it seems like most people use the space to just stand around and chat.

The cafe doesn't seem to make any of its own baked goods, which is a shame, but at least they offer you a variety of options from different bakers. I also got a whoopie pie from Vegan Treats to go, which was the only thing that didn't live up to my expectations. It was dry and had a metallic flavor to it.

Grindcore is located in a weird area of Philadelphia that's either up and coming or decaying rapidly. It's also heavily residential (Grindcore was the only business in the vicinity), though I wouldn't recommend walking around that area too late at night, nor would I recommend leaving your bike unattended for too long.

In conclusion, Grindcore is a winner. If only every city had a cool vegan coffee shop such as this one.

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