Garden Grille Cafe and Juice Bar

Providence, Rhode Island


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Hands down, best veg restaurant in Providence! The servings are large, the food is delicious, the prices affordable, and the service is friendly. You can't go wrong!

I recently dined with a friend and we shared a few items, starting with the wasabi house-made seitan with mustard sauce. No joke, this was the best seitan I've ever had. It had a perfect texture and was perfectly grilled and crispy. We also shared the Korean BBQ tacos, which are supposedly super popular. They were good, but my least favorite item on the menu. Finally, we had the butternut squash quesadilla (made with vegan Daiya cheese), which was delicious.

It also doesn't hurt that the restaurant is 2 doors down from WildFlour vegan bakery so you can pop in there for a smoothie while waiting for a table during the busy weekend lunch hours (as we did) or stop by after for dessert.

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This is a mid-scale restaurant with friendly service and an eclectic menu featuring tofu, tempeh, seitan and more. It's a respectable place to bring a date, though it is in a stripmall.

I had the "walnut tofu" special of the day (~$15) as my waiter recommended it over some of the other dishes. In the end, I wasn't impressed with the dish. I liked the way they charred the tofu, but the dish otherwise had limited flavor and the greens that came with the dish were limp, clearly old and not fresh, and extremely bitter on top of it. All told, this dish was not expensive, it was also at best mediocre.

For dessert I got a slice of cheesecake and a slice of carrot cake (to go). The cheesecake was solid, as was the carrot cake. No gripes on the desserts.

If Garden Grille hadn't so utterly failed me on the main course, I would have given them another star, as I consider three stars to be a decent score. In messing up the main dish, however, I can't in good conscious say the restaurant will unfailingly do right by you. They sure didn't by me.

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everything at garden grille is amazing. it's by far the best veg restaurant in providence. it's a little expensive but it's worth it. i highly suggest the eggplant rollatini, the mac and cheese, and the lime cupcakes!!!

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Garden Grille Cafe has a large number of vegan selections (and vegan desserts!). I was really impressed with the service - we were in and out within 1 hour. I ordered the vegan macaroni and cheese and the BBQ seitan, which came with a delicious wasabi dipping sauce. The best part of the meal was the dessert. I ordered the chocolate cinnamon mousse cake with slivered almonds, which came drizzled with raspberry sauce. I will definitely go back to Garden Grille next time I'm in Providence*.

*For those who aren't from the area, the Garden Grille (in Pawtucket) is only about a 10-minute drive from downtown Providence.

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I go to the Garden Grille every time I'm in the southeasterm Massachussetts-Rhode Island area. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant (there are usually several families dining there), and the waitstaff is knowledgeable and very friendly. The food ranges from very simple items such as veggie burgers to more interesting and complicated dinner entrees, and everything I've had there has been very tasty. Even my picky and omnivorous boyfriend has liked everything he's tried there. The vegan desserts are really great, too. The main downside is the size--it tends to get too crowded during busy hours. In my opinion, it's also a bit too small to be offering live music: I went there once and really hated the music, but I couldn't get away from it because the place is so little.

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