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Yet another industrial-grade, oily North Indian restaurant. How many of these are there in the Twin Cities?

I came for lunch with some colleagues and was forced to make-do at the standard buffet. At least some Indian joints let you order off the menu if you don't want the buffet, but Surabhi doesn't. All I wanted was a dosa, but instead had to settle on chewy papadadum, and a grease-heavy chana (chickpea) dish with crappy white rice. The rest of the veg. options in the buffet were loaded with cream or yogurt.

I didn't appreciate having to ask about which dishes were vegan versus vegetarian. If you want Indian or Indian-style food, go to The Himalayan, The Vegetarian, Nala Pak or Namaste Cafe. They label what's vegan and what's not, and the quality of their food is much higher.

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outstanding! there are so many vegetarian options here and they are all good. the eggplant is out of this world.

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Awesome place! The first time we went there we ordered one of the thali dinners (lots of variety). The waitress understood we were vegan and was very helpful at selecting out substitutes for some of the non vegan items the thali came with. Try the masaala dosa, aloo gobi and samosa...they're all amazing!!!

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