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Portland, Oregon


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Super cool grocery store! It has a huge bakery section filled with vegan baked goods (I think most of the stuff they carry is vegan), and a ton of really cool products! The ice cream section is fantastic; they have fun stuff like vegan monkey bars and other goodies. They carry a lot of other hard to find things as well as all the basics. I think I could get whatever I wanted there! And the whole place is vegetarian (except the cat and dog food I think), which is really really nice.

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good deli--vegan sloppy joes and vegan tempeh sammiches with mayonnaise and cheese are da bomb, baby (i think a crusty kid next to me recommended the sloppy joes as 'the dank'). when you're done gorging, the grocery is on the other side with their baked goods.

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I love this store!!!
The atmosphere is cozy and pleasant. The workers are beautiful. The food is wonderful. The customers are amazing. The bakery is divine. I fell in love with this store one afternoon when I came running out of the rain into a rainbow of organic local produce and another customer playing, “Singing in the Rain” on the piano. If you ever need a pick-me-up this is the store for you.

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the BEST vegan scones i've ever had. always a must-stop when i'm in pdx. the cashew cookies are incredible, as well.

a true oasis for vegan baked goods.

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