Brar Sweets

Toronto, Ontario


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i visited brar sweets in mississauga in december 2008 twice with my family & relatives while on our trip to canada.being vagetarians we
all enjoid the food so much,we can't wait to visit them again next
time we are in canada.(very soon i hope)we recomend brar sweets to
any and every one.service was great.

happy customer from UK

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Went there with some friends and had a good time. The staff were very helpful in pointing out which dishes were vegan, and even took the time to make a vegan naan for me. Unfortunately most of the desserts aren't vegan, but at a little less than $10 after tax for an all you can eat buffer, it's definitely worth going here!

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Visited here with coworkers of different backgrounds and all of them enjoyed it very much. Food was excellent. I especially like the fact that you can see them cooking some of it on the Tandoor. Various varieties and something for everyone. Even the kids will love it. Nice range of desserts and fruits to top it off. I would recommend anyone to try it at least once. Check out their new location at Dixie and Orenda (It's huge) ENJOY

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The food here is good when compared to the other restaurants in Toronto. Being a vegetarian, I am able to eat any food I want in the buffet here without having any doubt about the contents of each side dish. If I go to any other restaurant even India, my mind would be thinking about the oil the food was made in.

They can reduce the amount of soda they add to the rice here which makes you feel full the whole day, in case you have a good lunch there.

But I have to say, the service sucks. If you are doing a take out, they don't bother to attend to your order. Or never even apologize in case they have a mistake or a delay.

I think they should improve on that after all being popular just for food doesn't matter right?

I have seen, Komalas vegetarian restaurant and the A-1 sweets in Scarborough which are also good in food and their service makes you want to go to them often.

Thank God I am in Toronto, and don't have to depend on Brar for vegetarian meals all the time.

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Good Food but Oily.

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