She Royal

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Want to love this food truck more than I do because the people who run it are so, so nice. The veggie sampler has a great mix of vegetables and lentils and would be perfect except for one is intolerably salty even by restaurant standards. The salt could be cut in half and it would still be plenty salty. I've visited the truck three times with the hope I'd luck out and the food wouldn't be so salty, but the high salt level seems to be the norm so I'm giving up on this one.

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The veggie sampler is decent and worth a try at $6. I've only had Ethiopian at Fasika and Kilimanjaro Cafe so i dont have much to compare with. You get two kinds of lentils (or at least thats what I think they are) and spinach plus injera.

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I love they have good vegge is healthy good for ur body and the souce is excellent i will go everyday in downtown.

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