Green Planet Grocery

Syracuse, New York


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We were excited to find a place that offered raw living foods in Syracuse, especially since we visit the area every summer. We were hoping to get a fresh green juice but unfortunately this place only offered smoothies. I got a their blueberry smoothie which was rather plain and unexciting. Since we got smoothies there in the store we decided to get some of their take out food for later. I highly recommending skipping the quinoa and vegetable medley this was the most bland and mushiest dish I have ever tried in a restaurant. The creamy broccoli was very bland as well but with the addition of some sea salt it was edible. We got a Pad Thai salad and it was the best thing we experienced. We also got a pack of the donut holes and they were really sweet, and a little mushy but ok. We were happy to see they had some vegan raw cheesecake. Although it melted on the way home it was still edible, but not really that creamy or smooth. Overall this was not a good experience and I hope people do not think this is what vegan and/or raw living foods is all about.

rating star

Friendly, helpful staff - willing to order items they do not carry.

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