Cafe Latte

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I had a very nice meal with family here recently after a long absence. The long time in between was because the cafeteria line and hunt for a table got wearing. It was the same experience again. However, the quality of the sandwiches and salads is outstanding, and the coffee is very good. Because of the waiting involved it won't be a regular stop, but it is on the list for a visit every now and then. Cafe Latte does deserve note for having been way ahead of the curve on the cafe and health food trend - and for being very stable with its menu.

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I like the atmosphere.

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This place is pretty good. I usually get the 3-spread plate and soup, depending on what the vegan choices are that day. They have a lot of tasty and interesting beverage choices, too. My main gripe is that they don't have vegan desserts. The atmosphere is great, however: 2 seating levels with picture windows that look out onto Grand Avenue, perfect for people-watching. Parking can be unpleasant if you're there at a busy time.

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