WaterCourse Foods

Denver, Colorado


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The best atmosphere of any full-service restaurant in town. The mostly-vegan menu offers a ton of great options and be sure to try some juice or deserts. There is usually a wait at meal times, but it is worth it.

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Delicious breaded fried seitan with mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy. Really tasty. I will have to go again next time I visit Denver.

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I make a point to stop in WaterCourse every time I visit Denver, usually it's the first thing I do after I step off the plane. They have a nice atmosphere and a diverse menu which can sometimes make it difficult to choose an item because nearly everything on there sounds so delicious. If an item is not already vegan, it can be easily made vegan.

I love the buffalo seitan strips and you can't go wrong with any of the sandwiches. Their vegan milkshakes are exceptional and large enough for 2 people, plus they feature local ice cream from Sweet Action. The all-vegan dessert case makes it nearly impossible to leave without taking a slice of cake, peanut butter brownie, or ho-ho cupcake for the road.

If you have an omni friend or family member who is skeptical about veg*n food, I can't think of a better place than here to bring them. WaterCourse is exactly what vegan/vegetarian dining should be.

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Great restaurant. Very big menu, and everything except one item (regular pancakes) can be made Vegan. I had (all Vegan of course) a burrito, chocolate milk shake, piece of chocolate cream pie and a cinnamon roll. All were excellent. I'd definitely go back.

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Kind of expensive but tasty. Always very busy so you may have to wait to get a table.

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I went to this restaurant while on vacation on a recommendation from a friend, and let me tell you, it was every bit as wonderful as others are saying!! All of their dressings, sauces, beverages etc. are vegan; the only non-vegan thing on the menu is cheese, which can be added or removed from any dish. (They also have vegan cheese, so no worries.) I was so stuffed after leaving this place, and in a great way! Their desserts are to die for - we had a huge vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting, strawberry filling, and a chocolate covered strawberry on top. A tad on the pricey side, but well worth it. Someone had even written in the bathroom stall, "This place is why I became vegan. Thanks. Best choice I ever made :) " I think that about sums it up...

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I really do love this place. I go once a month or more. However, I can't give it a great or excellent review because they are very inconsistent. As a vegetarian, I LOVE the fact I can walk in here and order whatever I want off the menu without asking for modifications. However, they are very slow, the waitstaff, while always friendly, is not always the most competent, and sadly sometimes the items are inconsistent. For instance, I have a few dinner items I quite like. But where one time the seitan is crispy and perfect, the next time is is soggy and disgusting.

I am also sad that they no longer serve breakfast all day - I would often order breakfast items for dinner. We do go sometimes on weekend mornings but the wait is so ridiculous we usually go for a late lunch or early dinner (and even then, have to wait).

I admit, I will still patron this place. I love the concept and I have had more good food than bad, but coming from Portland, OR where there are about 100x more vegetarian/vegan options (and so much more high quality!) I can't give this as high of a rating as I want to.

I foolishly went here to pick up some vegan breakfast burritos. Boy, what a shock when the fragile, yet angry bearded boy working the counter verbally attacked me for asking his opinion on which of the dishes would be best served the next day. After being put in my place, and too shocked to flee the Water Course like any sensible person would have, I actually opted to spend money on the food (I repeat, definitly some serious shock going on)It is a sad thing when one person's bad attitude can ruin an otherwise fun experience, which is most definitly the case here. Maybe someone needs to give this little man a hug---or, gasp gasp---some bacon.
I wont be back---and I will be sure to advise any human, whether just curious or vegan, to avoid this joint at all costs.

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wow, such hooplala from all of these reviewers! I think that the scarcity of good veg dinning rooms has lowered our standards. Way overpriced. Service staff is almost competent- except for the host who was rude. And isn't the whole job of the host to be welcoming? Tofu was dry so they covered it with flavorless sauce, and the broccoli was overcooked. Overall, it seems like this project is more than what they can handle.

I much prefer City O City where the pizza is consistently delicious, and the specials are truly special. Plus, it's not such a ridiculous wait for an average meal.

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Watercourse is a great place for vegetarian/vegan food. Some of my favorites: French Dip Sandwich, Eggplant Sandwich, BBQ Tofu, Seitan Buffalo Wings and the all-time-best Biscuits and Gravy with scrambled tofu. The food here is almost always the best it could be.

The vegan desserts are okay, as far as vegan desserts go - try the cookies, which go great with their house coffee.

The restaurant's new location means lots more seating and somewhat better parking, but the place is almost always busy, so be prepared for a short wait during peak hours.

The waitstaff is quite fun - lots of funky tattoos and piercings, which complement many of the guests. Great place for people watching.

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this place rules. went there for breakfast the last couple days in town. good coffee, and tons of vegan choices. they say anything on the menu can be made vegan. sides of vegenaise or vegan sour are available. for breakfast, a side of the seitan strips is a good choice, really good seitan.

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Watercourse has always been amazing. There's really no food there that I've been very displeased with. I'd be happy to eat there every day.

Try the vegan Blue Plate Special, the Dona Lee sandwich, the Philly seitan sandwich, and the Buffalo tofu sandwich. The salads are fantastic, as well.

Not too pricey, either.

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I must say Watercourse is definitely a good place to go for a nice vegan meal. But nothing is perfect and there are some cons to it:

Some of the dishes are too salty
The sesame vegetable tofu dish is pretty much tasteless

Here are my recommendations:
Definitely try the vegan desserts! The vegan chocolate cake and the Boston cream pie are SOOO GOOD.

The tempeh scallopini is awesome

I didn't like the Amsterdam hash (breakfast) even though it sounded good... the tofu scramble was very oily and tasteless and the gravy on top was so salty it gave me a headache.

But I still enjoy going to this restaurant, you just have to know what you like and what to avoid! Their vegan bakery is expanding with more delicious assortments. I must say, the desserts are the best part....

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while in denver for a conference last october, i stumbled across the watercourse. having been to denver many times over the last 10 years, i was bummed i hadn't found it earlier. i've eaten at veggie restaurants from california to maine, from washington to florida and all points in between, and the watercourse is in my top 5 in the us. i'm off to denver again in a couple weeks for another meeting, and i'm already trying to plan as many meals at watercourse as possible. amazing breakfasts, and wonderful dinners. a+++++++++++

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Old favorites (tempeh, organic oatmeal, cous cous) are given a healthy update. It's One of those places where the food is good, it's not too expensive, there's a cool atmosphere, and it's neither overly impersonal nor too formal. A healthy, tasty eatery located a block south of Civic Center Park.

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i went here once, and i wish i could go back more often. i had (vegan) french toast here. not just the ordinary french toast. it was made out of banana bread! and it came topped with pumpkin seeds, cinnamon granola, maple syrup (not the real stuff, but good anyway), and fruit. the serving was really big, and i ate it all and left feeling quite sick. it was very yummy though, i was having fits of giggles while i was eating it. also, while you're waiting for your meal, there are jars of really delicious raspberry jam on your table.

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