Wreck Room

Brooklyn, New York City

Closed as of May 1 11

940 Flushing Ave
# A
Brooklyn, NY 11206


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vegan-friendly bar and restaurant

Restaurant, Bar

The Wreck Room is a popular bar and restaurant that recently expanded to have a separate vegan menu. Vegan items include a BBQ chicken sandwich, seitan philly steak, buffalo wings, veggie burger, and a few other sandwiches. Each sandwich comes with either fries or a salad and runs about $8.

Note that there is has no restaurant name on the building, but there is often a sandwich board with the name in front of the restaurant,

The ambiance is very laid back, the seating area is very dark and it has a few booths with "normal" booths and a couple with old backseats of cars for the seating. They often have music playing pretty loudly and/or have their huge TV/projection screen going, so it's a little distracting if you're trying to have a discussion or meeting.

Added by Cass Danger on Jul 25 10 (last updated Sep 17 11)

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I've lived here for about 5 years but hadn't stopped in much because I don't drink and they didn't have vegan food. They added a new vegan menu this summer and I've been back a few times since. I really like the buffalo wings and like that they come with a few didn't flavor/sauce options to chose from. I also really like the vegan philly steak but the "breaded and fried vegan chicken sandwich" turned out to be a Boca chicken burger, which was okay, but I could have easily made at home. I have no idea if the salad is good, but the fries are always tasty and the price is always right.

The one thing I don't like about this place is that it's really dark, dark to the point that you can barely see the person in front of you. I've also been here where there is some obnoxiously bright and busy show/image projected onto the huge screen, which is exceedingly distracting when you're trying to have a conversation with someone. Also, I think they're going for the "artsy" feel with the graffiti in the bathroom but I think it makes it look dirty and shady and I'm afraid to do anything beyond wash my hands, and I barely even want to touch the sink to do that.

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L to Morgan ave or J,M,Z to Flushing Ave


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