Cat Bar

Barcelona, Spain


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Cat Bar used to be a really cool place with home made sausages and others unique dishes, however after few years menu changed. It is still nice (they serve still burgers and huge selections old beers), but misses old good times.

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It’s kind of a strange place the Cat Bar. It’s a vegan restaurant that serves fast food (well, as fast as it comes in Spain) and the menu reads like that of an English transport caff (café) but it’s in Barcelona, Spain.

For example, there is an all-day vegan English breakfast, which consists of sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and toast and costs €6. Or there is sausage, chips and beans or burger, chips and beans (both also at €6) and various other unimaginative but traditional configurations of burger, chips, beans, salad and sausage.

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So awesome! It is British run, and plays old punk, indie, etc, is decorated with records and cat themed art, and has artists sitting about looking through each other’s portfolios. The food is standard British pub fare--it is delicious and cheap. And cava for 1 euro AND the owner gave us two glasses for free!


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