Rainbow Foods - Midway

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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They have a natural foods section with soy milk, better than sour cream, frozen entrees, a bulk section, soup cups, etc. It's nice enough, though the meat counter is in close proximity and it smells gross if you wander too far - but it's easy enough to steer clear of that if you just wanna grab your Terra chips and run.

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The Midway Rainbow Foods has a good selection of veg. products, much more to pick from than Cub, and probably the best within the Midway area. They have many frozen things like Morningstar Farms products, Boca products and a few Gardenburger items. Their selection of vegan ice cream is not very large though. The main reason for shopping here instead of the Cub next door is that Rainbow actually has things like tempeh and seitan.

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