Cafe Sunflower

Atlanta, Georgia


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Colorful atmosphere,friendly staff,delicious food.We love to go there,specially for the cakes,where else can You get so moist vegan sweets!Appetizers are also great.We just wish they would serve wine,that is the only thing missing!Luckily their other location in Buckhead serves beer/wine,so we can still get the same great fresh food,just a longer drive.We recommend this place highly!

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This is my favorite restaurant in Atlanta. Every day, they have several delicious and creative entrees as specials, and I try to eat there as often as I can because of the variety and quality of the food. I went on my birthday and they gave me a free vegan dessert (complete with lighted candle :). I had the carrot cake, which was moist and sweet and unbelievable. The atmosphere of the Sandy Springs location is very homey, and the staff is very attentive and pleasant. Also has a nice patio area. It is always packed at lunchtime, so go either early or late (not at 12:00).

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See Buckhead location review--this restaurant very similar save the omission of wine and beer and some variance of entrees and specials. Some outdoor seating available here.

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