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Very flavorful veg combo platter. The enjeera is gluten free and delicious (many other restaurants mix wheat with the teff in their enjeera). The only downside is that the music was extremely loud - we had to shout to hear each other across the table.

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Ras takes the space of what used to be Dukem Ethiopian. While the place has new owners and a new name, the menu doesn't appear to have changed---they still hand you menus with "Dukem" printed on front. Also, this used to be a bar-grill a long time ago and the decor hasn't been changed, either.

I had a veggie combo platter ($12) which consisted of the usual Ethiopian standards: lentils, split peas, collard greens, etc.

It was okay, but not memorable. The food wasn't prepared fresh; it was already sitting out in chafing dishes by the bar and a woman just plopped each dish onto a piece of injera and served it to me.

If you're looking for good Ethiopian food, there are only two places to check out: Fasika (in St. Paul) and Katar River (in Minneapolis). Both of these joints make their food fresh, with each order, and you can taste the difference.

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