Lazeez International Market & Deli

Midland, Michigan


rating star

Well the first thing would be that the Market is no longer there, they have shut it down because people barily came in there to shop. Which is sad, because it was the only place in Midland to get some GOOD international foods. Other then that, the few times that I have been in the deli the food has always, ALWAYS been good. Its not americanized so it has all its real middle eastern flavores. I am sad to see the market go, but the food is amazing and i still go there a lot.

rating star

This place has really gone down hill recently. Last time I got chana masala it tasted like canned tomato soup poured on top of chickpeas with stale rice. All this for $9. Lazeez started out great over a year ago, but now they are terrible. Don't waste your money.

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