Roving Dish

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Jan 1 14

7th Avenue and University Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413


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Vegan pancake and fritter maker at the NE Farmers Market

Food Court or Street Vendor, Caterer

This vegan and gluten-free pancake maker offers four or five different teff-based pancakes, as well as teff-based fried fritter made with different vegetable fillings.

You can find them at the NE Farmers Market on Saturdays from June through October.

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Finally, a vegan vendor at a Minneapolis farmers' market! Roving Dish offers four or five different vegan (and gluten-free!) pancakes, including chocolate chip and currant, among others. They also have two types of "fritters" with different vegetable fillings.

Everything here is made with teff, the grain used for making the spongy Ethiopian product known as injera. That said, neither the fritters nor the pancakes taste anything like injera, nor do they resemble injera in any way.

I sampled a piece of pancake which was really tasty and had an unexpected, and good, flavor. It definitely wasn't your average pancake at Hard Times or Seward Cafe.

I also had a broccoli fritter ($7). This was a deep-fried thing (it would be perfect for the State Fair) and had a good savory flavor. Also, the broccoli stayed crisp and fresh. While it was tasty, the $7 price tag was awfully hefty, considering the small portion size. It was snack-sized (definitely not a meal unto itself) and $3-4 would be a more reasonable price.

Still, I'm happy Roving Dish is around and selling unusual vegan (and gluten-free) products. The people that run Roving Dish aren't vegan themselves, but I hope they stick to selling vegan stuff not only from a marketing perspective, but also from an ethical one.

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