Foxy Falafel

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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The falafel here is decent, but not great. You can get a sandwich for $6 and it comes with five falafel pieces, and lots of lettuce and lemony hummus. For $6 this seems like a gigantic rip-off; I could get nearly twice as much falafel, for half the price, at Wally's in Dinkytown, which is the reigning falafel champ in the Twin Cities, in my opinion. Moreover, Wally's falafel is better quality, and comes with more vegetable filling.

The falafel pieces at Foxy Falafel taste pretty good---a nice blend of herbs with a perfectly crispy outer shell.

On the other hand, the hummus inside wasn't great, in my opinion, and there was way too much of it. Foxy Falafel definitely didn't get its filling proportions correct and make the sandwich feel like a glorified hummus wrap. You won't see this kind of amateurish production at Wally's.

Also, where were the tomatoes? Just lettuce and hummus don't make for a great falafel sandwich. Cucumbers would have been nice, too.

I liked that they use a wholewheat pita and bypass that white flour nonsense. That was their one saving grace.

In short, Foxy Falafel is too expensive for what it's offering and makes a mediocre product at that. If they charged only $2.50-$3.00 per falafel sandwich, I'd give them another shot. As it stands, I'd rather just go to Wally's.

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