Foothill Dining Common

East Bay, California


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I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone who isn't on a meal plan at Berkeley. That said, the vegan options can be surprisingly good.

For breakfast, there are always vegan muffins or scones. The scones are actually some of the best vegan scones that I've ever tasted. On certain days of the week, vegan pancakes are available as well.

For lunch/dinner, the vegan options vary from amazing to virtually nonexistent. There is almost always a vegan dessert, such as chocolate cake or tofu cheesecake, but there is not always a reasonable vegan entree (I don't count a plate of rice and boiled corn as "reasonable").

I've heard that the meal options are somewhat different during the academic year (ex. more options are available, pricing structure is different), so I can only really speak for the summer meal options. Regardless, if you are staying in the Berkeley dorms and looking for vegan baked goods, it is worth checking this place out.

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