Acropol Inn Restaurant

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Jan 1 13

748 Grand Avenue
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105


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Greek Food

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Added by v.e.g.a.n. on Nov 7 04 (last updated Apr 6 16)

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My rating is only a reflection of the service, I walked out before I could taste the food.

I've never walked out of a restaurant before in my life. Maybe our server was just having a bad day...

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I stopped in here with a friend since I'd seen it a million times and never tried it/thought about it/knew anyone who tried it. It was super nice inside and no one else was there; it looks like a restaurant that doesn't get a ton of business, at least not during the day.

I ended up getting the Spanakopita, a sort of egg, spinach and feta tart in filo dough. It was really good and felt fresh and home-cooked. I want to say the waitress was the co-owner and she was the cutest old lady ever and deciphered the menu and joked with us a lot.

The food was great and the service was excellent (well, we were the only people there). All of the entree items came with soup and salad. There's only one soup but it's chicken broth based. The salad is just iceberg lettuce, a tomato slice, and an olive, but the dressing is another delicious home-made tasting item.

The menu was a little hard to get around since I'm really unfamiliar with Greek food or the language, but it seems like there was a really good amount of vegetarian options. Like, I said, the Spanakopita was amazing and it re-heated up well, too!

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Summit Hill


On Grand near Avon.



$$ - average


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11am - 10pm

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