Pepples Donuts

San Francisco, California


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Located near the East entrance of the Ferry Building, Pepples offers solid vegan, organic donuts with a bunch of unusual flavors (kaffir lime, maple candy, chili pepper, etc.).

I got a kaffir lime donut ($3) and was pleased with it: it's not too sweet and it has a lime-esque tang that worked well on a whole.

My only gripes: they only have cakey donuts and, while the donuts are good, they're not as good as the Little Monster Cake spelt and teff donuts in New Haven, Connecticut (go figure that New Haven makes the best vegan donuts in the country).

In fact, Pepples would do well to offer some non-white flour donuts, just to mix things up and get some more robust flavors in their portfolio.

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Alright, confession time: I ate Pepples Donuts 3 out of 4 mornings spent in SF. I tried blueberry, salted caramel, plain glazed, chocolate, and orange creme. It would be hard to pick a favourite, but I might have to say blueberry. Orange creme is a close second, the flavour was sweet but also tangy! Very nice. These are cakey donuts, not raised, but I prefer that so I was happy.

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Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Peeple's Donuts outside the ferry building, however, a friend picked some up for me to try from Rainbow Food Co-op (one of the best - if not THE best food co-op in the country). I really liked the blueberry donut, although there wasn't a very strong blueberry flavor. The texture was perfect and it was also perfectly sweet, which I think is hard to come by. I've had a lot of vegan donuts that are either dry/overcooked or are overly sweet to compensate a lack of richness but Peeples was right on! Nice work. :)

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I was excited when I heard that there was a vegan donut stand at the Farmer's Market. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw so many delicious-sounding flavors: sea-salt caramel, vanilla cookie, chocolate coconut... I decided to try the sea-salt caramel donut and the apple fritter. The sea-salt caramel donut was fairly predictable: cake donut with gooey caramel frosting, sprinkled sporadically with salt. It was fresh and moist but didn't really stand out in my mind. The apple fritter, on the other hand, was incredible. Unlike the donuts, which are all cake donuts, the apple fritter is made with yeast and cooked in a deep-fryer. The dough had that yummy yeasty beignet flavor. The apple filling oozed out slowly as I bit in. The glaze left its sweet residue on my fingers (which I couldn't resist licking). In short, it was perfection. I only wish that more of the Pepples donuts would be of the fried variety (as opposed to the boring cake variety that most vegan donut companies seem to make).

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