Braxton's Boxes

East Bay, California


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A friend of mine was ordering a box of cupcakes from Braxton's Boxes and offered to pick up a few vegan cupcakes for me. There is a 12 cupcake minimum order, but the website made it sound like it is possible to mix-and-match flavors. However, it turns out that the vegan cupcakes cannot be combined in an order with the other cupcakes. The person over the phone explained to us that the vegan cupcakes must be ordered in a full batch. However, in spite of the fact that I was willing to order an entire batch of cupcakes, Braxton's Boxes wasn't willing to give me a choice in the flavor (right now, they only make chocolate vegan cupcakes). I would understand if they only made one vegan flavor per day and allowed customers to order a selection of vegan and non-vegan cupcakes, but when they're custom-making a batch of cupcakes for a single customer, I think that they should offer more choices!

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