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Yummy! I've been to all the s'nice locations and I have to say that this is my new favorite. The West Village location is warm, bustling, and fun; the Brooklyn location is large and friendly; but this location has a way better selection of vegan baked goods and happens to be right near my office. :)

The menu looks pretty much the same as other s'nice locations (vegan Reuben, triple-decker tofu sandwich, hummus wrap, soy chicken sandwich, etc), but instead of just a few plain jane vegan cookies/cupcakes, they had a ton of homemade vegan goodies, ranging from stuffed sandwich cookies to apricot jam bars to all the usual. I had the apricot bar, which was good, and also the "kitchen sink" cookie (or something to that effect) that contained chocolate chips and potato chips. I didn't taste the chips, but the cookie was peprfectly sweet, salty, crispy, and fatty. Yum!

I also had the triple decker tofu club sandwich, which was pretty good, but could have used more dressing. There was a good amount of tofu on it but I didn't like that all the tofu was piled in the middle so I had to shift it around so I didn't have 1/2 inch of tofu in the middle and all bread around the sides. I also had the roasted broccoli and the panzanella salad (croutons, tomatoes, canellini beans). The broccoli was so-so, as it seemed over cooked. I'm sure it was delicious hot and crispy out of the broiler but a couple hours later, it just tastes dry and chewy. The panzanella salad was pretty good and I liked that it was a less ordinary side option than pasta salad or broccoli (which are delicious, but very common).

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