Curry 'N' Noodles

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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When we arrived, we were seated right away. I was pleased to get a table by the window, since the walkways between tables were very narrow.

Our server was rude to us for no reason we could understand. It seemed to start when she asked what we would like to drink: my partner ordered a Summit, and I asked for a water with no ice. That seemed to offend her greatly. Wen she returned with the water, she slammed it on the table without saying anything. My partner never received his Summit.

The food was mediocre as well. We started off with Mulligatawny soup, which I have had at least 20 different versions of before tonight. The version we received was nothing like any mulligatawny soup I've ever had; it was more like a dahl, but with a weird, bitter taste. It was inedible, and we didn't eat it. The full soup bowl sat on the table for the entire meal -- no one ever asked why we weren't eating it, or even how our meal tasted.

The appetizer we chose were veggie samosas. In this case, we were not disappointed. They were delicious.

We ordered an okra dish and gobi manchurian for our main course. These were both good, but the gobi manchurian had a strange sauce. While it normally has a sauce that could be likened to buffalo sauce with a medium spice, this was more like a sweet barbecue sauce. It was still good though.

We were charged for the Summit we never received. The manager kindly took it off, but did not ask anything else. There appeared to be only 2 front house employees, and they were not well trained as waitstaff.

I looked forward to trying this restaurant for several months, but I won't be back. I will sometimes give a restaurant another shot, but there was just too much wrong in this case.

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I was excited that a place like this exists in Hopkins, as it's a suburban area of the Twin Cities in dire need of vegan-friendly dining establishments. And, best of all, they have veg. manchurian (falafel-esque veg. balls in a soy gravy), one of my favorite Indo-Chinese dishes, and one that's hard to come by.

Unfortunately, the food here isn't very good, on a whole. I'll start off with the one good dish we had, the aloo gobi ($10). I liked that this restaurant uses whole baby potatoes; in general, the dish came together and was well-seasoned and not oily.

It went downhill from there. The veg. manchurian ($10) had a strange, sharp taste to it. My guess is that the spices and seasonings weren't cooked long enough. It certainly was not the way veg. manchurian is supposed to taste.

We also had dhal ($10) which similarly tasted under-cooked and was palatable, but not much better than that.

The roti was decent.

While the chef is friendly (he came to chat with us) and totally familiar with veganism, I was surprised that he doesn't endeavor to have more creative vegan dishes (how about dishes with seitan, tempeh, or more dishes with tofu? how about lassi made with soy or rice/almond/hemp milk? how about just offering soy milk for chai?). It seems like a gross oversight and unfortunately, this restaurant can't get by on its default vegan options, which aren't very good.

The outdoor patio is pleasant and the service was prompt and friendly. I'd give Curry 'N' Noodles another shot, but was unimpressed with my first visit.

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All the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They are familiar with veganism, so if you want to know what you can eat, often the cook himself will come out and chat with you. I was told they cook the vegetarian food in a separate place from the meat and if you have any questions they seem genuinely concerned with making sure you feel comfortable with what you are eating and that you are having a fantastic meal. I would actually give this place 10 stars out of 5.

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Great food the staff is very nice lots of vegetarian options and some vegan. I highly recommend this place.

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