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Eclectic vegan foods

Restaurant, Caterer

Offers vegan breakfasts such as porridge, plantains, tofu scramble and pancakes. For lunch and dinner offers Ital food (stews, lentils, curry pots) as well as dishes such as seitan stroganoff, tofu with peanuts or cashews, cajun tempeh and more.

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This is a vegan Ital/Caribbean joint. Like many other of this type, they have pre-made dishes sitting in a hotbar and you can mix and match them in a combo meal for some set price. Expect to find a random assortment of simple foods, like tofu scramble, mac and cheese, curry whatnot, etc. They also have some menu items you can order (burgers, for example), but I will assume that these dishes take forever to be made, so don't bother.

I got the 5-choice meal (~$10) and picked some brown rice with beans, curry chickpeas, bbq tofu, tofu scramble and curried potatoes. I also got some samosas on the side ~$1.50 each).

The food was all competent, but nothing spectacular. It tasted fresh enough, though, and wasn't that expensive considering the respectable portion sizes. My date also tried the collard greens (which tasted great: crispy and seasoned well) and a fresh-made cucumber juice, which was refreshing.

The samosas were great: flaky and crisp and nicely seasoned on the inside.

The service, while friendly, is extremely slow. You wouldn't guess this, given that all that needs to be done is scooping food onto a plate, but somehow things take a while here.....we waited to get plates, to get forks, to pay the bill, etc.

The interior of the restaurant is not date-material. It looks kind of like a church basement with industrial grade carpet and tables that need to be cleaned. The countertops smell strongly of Lysol.

For some reason, they kept all the dining area lights off, so we ate in the dark, with only residual light from the counter to guide us. It's also drafty inside with major air leaks (during winter, it's cold in there).

If Fire-N-Spice had a more inviting dining area, faster service and a few more interesting dishes (how about something with seitan?) it would warrant another star.

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It took forever to get the food ordered but when it arrived I knew it was worth it.
Friendly casual staff not hipster arrogance (such as ION)and fantastic amazing food. Love this place just wish it had better parking

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