PF Chang's

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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PF Changs is great for gluten free vegans. I've only eaten here twice but both times have been delighted with the tofu lettuce wraps. I could order just this appetizer and consider it worth the trip. I have also tried the stir fried eggplant, vegetable chow fun, and ma po tofu. The eggplant and tofu were also great, the vegetable chow fun startlingly bland. I ordered the vegetable noodle dish only because the server promised it was in his top five favorites at the restaurant but found it to be completely bland and something I could have made better at home. That said, I have enjoyed everything else I've eaten here.

PF Changs is especially nice for someone who likes Chinese food but wants the comforting, more traditional restaurant decor of an upper middle priced American restaurant. The booths are comfortable, the lighting is low, and the art is Asian inspired. Detractors might protest that PF Changs is far from authentic Chinese home cooking but the restaurant aims for flavorful, abundant dishes with options for everyone rather than ultimate Asian legitimacy.

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