Bill's Imported Foods

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Indeed, their baklava is the best in town. They also have various sorts of roasted pepper. The feta cheese comes from several places of this small world: Greece, France, Wisconsin, Egypt, Bulgaria and Romania, you should try them all. And yes, the Kalamata olives they offer are exquisite, fresh and properly stored. I also like the frozen filo dough.
And everything is so conveniently priced...

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This place is small, but they always seem to have whatever I can't find anywhere else. For example, I needed dried pears - they don't have them at the co-op or Rainbow, but they had them at Bill's. They also have a huge selection of olives, blanched almonds, and dried mushrooms which are really cheap. It's fun to browse around and see what they've got - cans of Fava beans for 65 cents! The woman who runs the place knows where everything is and whether or not they carry what you're looking for. You can sample olives before you buy if you'd like - it's a good place.

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