Evolution Fast Food

San Diego County, California


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Surprised by the positive reviews, as I did not have a good experience. Maybe I will have to give it a second chance with some different dishes.

I walked in here expecting some classic comfort food, and ordered a chocolate shake and a cheeseburger. The staff was surly, possibly because they were overworked (dealing with walk-in and drive-through customers simultaneously). While waiting for my order, I sat in a courtyard area, which was not very well maintained. I don't think anyone ever came out to wipe down tables after they had been used.

When I received my order, it was in a paper bag, the burger wrapped in paper, the shake in a disposable cup. I understand that for drive-through and take-out customers, but it's pretty disappointing to see so much needless waste expended on sit-down customers. I wasn't thrilled with eating in a messy environment, surrounded by mounds of paper that I'd later put straight into the garbage. I am not big on fancy dining experiences but even this didn't meet my low standards.

The chocolate shake was very watery, not like a shake at all. After I was halfway through, my dining companion told me he had seen them make it -- by putting ice cubes and some kind of powder into a blender! Seriously, that was it. I was disappointed to hear that, but also not surprised as the shake didn't have the body I would expect from one made with real (vegan) ice cream.

The cheeseburger wasn't anything I couldn't make at home. A Gardein patty and Daiya cheddar, which is what I use to make my own veggie burgers in my kitchen. But the bun tasted like one of those horrid Ezekiel buns -- if that's what floats your boat, great, but I find them to be pretty much inedible. So really, it was worse than what I make at home, because I use buns that taste good to me. My dining companion got a different style of burger, also something we could have made at home.

Apparently they have a homemade black-bean burger, and they also have non-burger stuff like chicken sandwiches, etc. However, if everything is made with those Ezekiel buns I don't see the point in trying anything else. If you don't like Ezekiel bread, try to find out if any of their sandwiches are made with different bread. I would only consider eating there again if I could get a sandwich on good bread. For me, the terrible bun was a deal-breaker -- I couldn't even finish my burger, and I like Gardein and Daiya.

This restaurant would be improved if:
1) the employees weren't overworked
2) the garden area was maintained better
3) the shakes used real (vegan) ice cream
4) customers had a choice between Ezekiel-style bread and nicer-tasting bread
5) sit-down customers were given plates and silverware

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Love that they have some Raw choices. Hard to find many places around with some raw dishes that aren't just salads. Their desserts are great!

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I walked from Balboa Park as there is nothing there I can eat. Evolution is a great place, with lots of fun smoothies, deserts, and shakes to add to your meal. The last time I came I had the veggie loaf sandwich special, and it was very good. I also snagged a big fruit crisp desert here once to eat with my family next door at Extraordinary Deserts. Hehe.

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The food is excellent!!!

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You will not find a better Vegan burger than at Evolution. The folks there are helpful if you have questions. I agree it may be a tad pricey, usually around $17 to feed two of us, but it's worth it.

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So cool, an all vegan fast food joint! It opened at 11:00 A.M, I got there at 11:05 A.M. and there was already a line which is great to see! It was a tad bit pricy for "fast food" but I think that really just reflects on how badly made fast food is to be as cheap as it is.

Anyways, the food I got was excellent. I got the "chicken" sandwich with chipotle sauce and sweet potatoes fries. Plus the best brownie I have EVER had, vegan or non-vegan. My only complaint is that the seating could be better and that the website, paper menu and menu at the restaurant all have different prices.

It is a MUST if you are in the San Diego area!

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Loved their Chik'n Tenders with chipotle dipping sauce. Their dessert selection is to die for. Great menu, lots of options, and open late make this a treasured eatery in the area.

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