The Green Light Cafe

Asheville, North Carolina


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This place is good, but not great. My favorite part of the meal was the appetizers. I shared spring rolls and vegan nachos with a group of people, and both of these were quite good. The nachos could've used a little more salsa, but they were quite tasty. The spring rolls were excellent.

The entrees were a little less exciting. I ordered Enchilada with Mole. The mole sauce was really tasty, but there wasn't enough of it. The description said "saucy beans and greens" but there really wasn't any sauce in the enchilada, and the beans were a bit undercooked for my tastes. Also, the enchilada really needed some salt. My wife ordered the crepe, which I liked better, but it also needed salt.

Overall, the food here seems to lean towards the health food side of veg food, which isn't my favorite thing.

I'd be willing to back again, but I feel like Asheville has better vegan options elsewhere.

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Delightful kitchen, art gallery, brick bar, and friendly staff. So many choices of veg and vegan dishes. I will definitely keep going back to try more of them!

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