Rocco's Little Chicago

Tucson, Arizona


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Weird. I was told that they couldn't make their pizza vegan because there was cheese in the crust. Maybe this is new (I notice the other reviews are several years ago) or I had a bad waiter. But I haven't been back since. I had a veggie sandwich, and while it tasted good there wasn't much too it (not very filling).

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We are vegan and I am used to spelling out in excruciating detail how I want a dish prepared. As soon as I started with "No cheese, no meat", the charming waitress at Rocco's said ... oh sure ... a vegan pizza! My jaw dropped ... so few wait staff even KNOW the term vegan.

It was without question ... the most delicious vegan pizza I have ever eaten. Crisp crust, tasty sauce and brimming with a marvelous assortment of delicious veggie toppings, including portabella mushrooms, artichokes, red onion, olives. Truly superb.

Highly recommended!

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Rocco's probably has the best pizza in Tucson. I love the deep-dish pizza. Being vegan, I leave off the cheese, but you'd never miss it. The pie is packed with veggies and sauce, and the crust is heavenly. My favorite combo is portobello mushrooms, oil-cured olives, tomatoes, and red onions.

Rocco's also offers a variety of beers, both good so good. But where else in Tucson can you find Old Style beer?

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