Arco Iris

Barcelona, Spain


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It’s not always possible to find a restaurant that specialises in el cuisine de vegetariano, but Arco Aris (Spanish for ‘rainbow’ – cute) is an exception to that loose rule that I just completely made up myself. There are plenty of vegetarian restaurants and places where you can find vegetarian options in Barcelona. But they are not always close by when the vegetarian appetite suddenly compels one to chase down the nearest avocado and wrestle it to the ground.

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Acro Iris is super convenient for its location right near the Sagarada Familia and not to far away from Casa Mila (two Gaudi staples). The waiter who gave us looks when we told him we were veganos, but he accommodated us and the food was pretty great. We got the set plato de dia for 9 euro which included gazpacho, a potato entree, a delicious fava bean dish and he gave us a ton of fresh fruit for dessert. Just remember-there may be limited vegan options.

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We were visiting from the US and ate lunch at this restaurant. We were seated in this smallish busy restaurant, by a charming host, at a table with 2 other English-speakers. (The host did ask our permission first.) The food was good, especially the gazpacho, but the vegan selections were limited on the "Menu" for the day. Being used to vegan restaurants in the U.S., it was clear the chef was not versed in vegan cuisine. For instance, their seitan dish contained cheese and there was no way to have it without the cheese. Fresh fruit was the only vegan dessert. This was typical for Barcelona veg-friendly restaurants.

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