Tushita Teehaus

Munich, Germany


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This place is a marvel. For one thing, it's beautifully decorated and intimate, yet casual as well. It's extremely affordable and everything here is vegan and home-made. It's also one of the only vegan places that's open in Munich before 11 a.m. As I had a seven hour, morning layover in the city, I was lucky that Tushita was open to give me a great meal and cup of tea before I headed back to the US.

I ordered a number of delicious items. Given that it was about 9 a.m. when I went, the breakfast options were limited to a variety of baked goods, tea and one phyllo-pocket. I had the phyllo-pocket (€2.50) which was a wonderfully soft, buttery thing filled with seitan, herbs, carrots and more. It was savory and filling. I would eat one of these a day, if I could (for lunch and dinner, the menus change regularly, but you'll usually be able to get some kind of rice plate with tofu).

I also had a piece of German bread (I forget the name, but it started with "brez" or something) (€1.50) and was shaped liked a croissant and covered in sesame seeds. It was a traditional German product, but home-made with spelt flour. I love it when you can get otherwise off-limited "traditional" food, modified to be vegan (in this case, it was even better, as it was made with a healthy and unusual type of flour as well). The bread was soft and surprisingly hefty---it could have been a meal in itself.

Next I had a piece of chocolate rosemary cake (€2.50) and the cafe owner threw in a free piece of carrot-ginger cake as well. Both were delicious and I appreciated that they weren't overly sweet. They were perfectly moist and dense and the limited use of sugar allowed for the main flavors (namely chocolate-rosemary, and ginger-carrot) to manifest themselves fully.

Lastly I had a cup of home-made chai with soy milk (€1.50). I love any place that creates their own recipe for chai, so props to Tushita for that. I think the brew could have been slightly stronger (perhaps more ginger), but this was otherwise a smooth and refreshing drink, available hot or cold.

Tushita also offers at least a couple dozen more loose-leaf, gourmet tea options from around the world. They have a refined selection of Japanese greens and Indian blacks in particular.

The service was extremely friendly and gracious. I hope that every city in Europe will have a place like Tushita, because it's a gem in the vegan world.

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